Why storyforager?

Some people spend hours flipping through stacks of obscure vinyl records, some search the forest floor for delicious oyster mushrooms, some pick through antique jewelry for hidden beauties. We are all foragers, selecting items of meaning to put in our backpacks and carry with us on our journeys. At some point, I realized that whether I was talking to a friend over coffee or plucking small stones from a sandy beach, I was a storyforager. I gather stories, my own and others’. I carry these with me as surely as the acorns, feathers, and seaglass in my pockets.

Why a photograph of cairns on this website’s homepage?

Sometimes I return from foraging and lay down the words I’ve gathered like stones, discovering how they stack together. Perhaps they’ll direct a fellow traveller, invite a new way of looking at an old path, or offer assurance that nearby is another wanderer, as we all are. The stories mark a way—possibilities for walking into territories known and unknown.