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About Me

I am a writer of creative nonfiction stories. A recovering academic. A believer in good conversation with humans and nonhumans.

I’ve always been fascinated by questions about ultimate mysteries and how people make sense of the world and their place in it. For a long time, I explored these questions in an academic context, and for a while the goal seemed clear: become a professor and blow students’ minds as mine was blown by exposure to other cultures, religions, and mythologies.

Then things took a turn, and I moved to Chicago to work with a wonderful group of people at a nonprofit organization, the Center for Humans and Nature. This presented the welcome challenge of trying to reach various kinds of audiences and expand the conversation about human ethics in relation to the landscapes of which we are a part.

All the while, I wrote. A lot of my previous writing revolved around telling other people’s stories, lifting out thematic threads that were of interest. I still do this. But recently, I’m exploring ways to create and tell stories that are more personal, looking across genre styles and mediums.

No matter the style, the questions that drive me remain similar: how humans make sense of the larger world that they share with others.

Ephemera ...

Chicagoland: Interview with director

A conversation between me and Ben Kauffman, of Manual Cinema, about urban wildlife and a particular pair of watchful coyotes.


Writing Residency

In March/April 2016, I had a delightful stay as a writer-in-residence at Mesa Refuge, in Pt. Reyes, California. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a place to write "from the edge."